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Writtle 01245-420399 11 Chequers Road, Writtle, CM1 3NG

Billericay 01277-631979 Jacksons Lane, Billericay, CM11 2DG

For Steak connoisseurs and perfectionists only!

At ‘The Rare Cow’ We have a passion for Great Steaks,
Our Philosophy, belief and mission is simple:
To source the very finest and in many cases local ingredients.
To Cook them to perfection
And unless 100% impossible, only use Fresh not frozen ingredients
Our food will be served at your table with happiness and passion.
Our steaks and burgers are from pure British rare breed Longhorn/Dexter Cattle.
These are very expensive (Around 3x the price of normal good quality beef from supermarkets and butchers)But the taste is massively different too!!
So what makes a great tasting Steak? Firstly of course the beef!
Unfortunately finding great beef is getting harder, farms have cross bred cattle and many supermarkets/butchers use techniques that do not make happy cattle.
In many cases cattle are kept in restricted spaces, fed genetically modified corns and given growth hormones so that they grow fast and are slaughtered young with a pretty sad life just to supply consumers demanding more and more cheap beef.
As for the taste well you get what you pay for I’m afraid.
Thankfully not all farms are run this way and so we source our meat from Pure British Rare breeds like LongHorn.
Their happiness in life is what makes great steak so our criteria is they live in open spaces, Are naturally grass fed and are not subjected to any growth hormones.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Rare Cow very soon