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About Rare Cow

Rare breed longhorn cow steaks served at Rare Cow restaurant

The Steak

At the Rare Cow we have a passion for great steaks. We source the very finest, fresh ingredients and cooking each steak to perfection.

Our steaks and burgers come from pure 100% British cattle and the quality is just exquisite.

So what makes great tasting steak? Not only the standard of the beef itself, but the condition that the cattle are kept in. Unfortunately, a lot of farms now cross breed cows so the meat is not at its best. They are also kept in restrictive spaces, fed genetically modified corns and given growth hormones. What happens then is they grow too fast and their lives are cut short to keep up with ever growing demand from consumers for cheap beef.

Rare Cow serve the finest in Rare breed steaks

Thankfully not all farms are run this way and we source our meat from pure British rare breeds like Longhorn. Their happiness in longer life and grazing in open spaces is what makes our steak so great. But as with most things life, you get what you pay for!

Every week we sample cuts from the best farms and rare breed suppliers, then we choose which to use for the following week. Currently we are using: Longhorn Fillet, ForeRib, Rump and our Pure Longhorn Mince from Richard Vaughan at Huntsham Farm.
The finest Longhorn beef as used by Marcus Wareing, Michel Roux and Us! This selection was also chosen by Heston Blumenthal for his television series “Perfection”, as the best beef available in Britain.

Please check out our menu's and prices here: Menus

Rare Cow variety of delicious home made starters and deserts

Rare Breed Longhorn beef is very expensive, and although around 40% cheaper than the equivalent in London Restaurants it will be more expensive than the run of the mill local steak house serving standard British beef. But the taste is massively different too!!

Huntsham beef comes from the Huntshamherd of Longhorn cattle. This old-fashioned breed was developed 200 years ago and was the breed which made England famous for its fine roast beef.

Longhorn beef is now a rare breed and has been largely forgotten, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding. Hung for nearly five weeks so that the fine-grained, well-marbled meat reaches its ideal maturity and full potential.

As well Rare Breed Longhorn, Dexter, Highland and Short Horn Sirloin, Ribeye and Chateaubriand from Turner and George an incredible partnership between Richard Turner (Head chef of Hawksmoor London) and multi award winning butcher James George they joined forces to supply the most unique rare breed meets to the UK

Rare Cow amazing cheese boards

Starters & Deserts

At Rare Cow we pride ourselves not only on our second to none steaks, but our delicious variety of accompanying dishes. A little something before your main meal could be a Tiger Prawn Cocktail, Homemade Soup of the Day or how about some pan fried Sea Scallops with Pork Belly? Just a few of our tasty starters.

After your main meal you can relax with one of our various liqueur coffees and flavoured teas. Or if you prefer, one of our home made deserts including Chocolate Surprise, Crumble and Crème Brulle. A perfect finish to your Rare Cow dining experience.

Rare Cow serve the finest red and white wines


As well as our second to non steak, we have a large selection of international fine wines from France, South Africa, Chile, Italy, Australia and more. With brands such as Malbec-Manos Negras (a fantastic red) and Rioja Reserva-Bodegas Tobia which we sell at a fantastic price.

Our cocktail menu is epic and we pride ourselves on not just the classics, but our own cocktail creations with our expert mixologists constantly experimenting!
We also stock an extensive range of Champagne including Bollinger Rose and Dom Perignon, the perfect accompaniment to any meal or celebration.

The Barman in action at the Rare Cow

Our Team

It's not only the food and drink that contribute to a successful restaurant, but the managers and staff. Our specially selected team are skilled in each of their divisions and excel in their customer service. Every Rare Cow steakhouse includes greeting and seating of guests, professional waiting staff, experienced bar tenders and top chef's. Each team are lead by highly trained general managers who's expertise in the smooth running of restaurants is obvious to our satisfied customers. We will kindly give recommendations with regards to our food and also to our drinks, offering advise as to which particular wine flavours will compliment your meal.

Please contact one of our general managers for assistance: Paulius @ Billericay
Anca @ Waltham Abbey
Richard @ Sudbury We look forward to welcoming you at Rare Cow.


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